Although the research presentations will last 5 days, most participants would look forward to something beyond the presentations. In parallel with the presentations, each conference delegate that registers for the 5-day conference is entitled to two free bus tours. Each tour results in a unique experience that blends the area's history, tourism and multiculturalism as the delegates get to know each other during the bus tour events. Given that the delegates hail from various disciplines, there is always something new to learn for the intellectually curious. 

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MYTH 1: The first myth about traditional conferences is that they foster the exchange of ideas and create future research partnerships inside the conference halls. Studies show that very little interaction occurs within the halls. According to one study, the ones who were more likely to interact were the smoking faculty who congregated outside.

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MYTH 2: Faculty go to conferences to listen to research presentations. Not so in Western conferences where faculty are free to come and go as they please. In Vegas, many faculty spend more time at the casinos than listening to presentations. Our bus tours compete with the casinos in the quest for their time and intellect.

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MYTH 3: The old conference format will continue to dominate academia. False! Get your research from the internet and go where the internet can't. Meet researchers from other fields in an informal cultural setting. At IJAS you break the ice and build human relationships within "the last three feet of communication."